A world class English Department for its language, literary, culture, and multidisciplinary studies for globally competitive graduates equipped with skills in technology and the ability to produce inspiring creative products and research .


The mission of English Department is to foster and empower society by :

1. Providing creative, multidisciplinary, and innovative learning and teaching approaches, as well as enhancing global prudence, creative mindset, and academic virtues in creating leaders for the global community

2. Widening students’ and faculties’ multidisciplinary perspectives on the current research in language, literary, and culture and practical knowledge to create creative works.

3. Preparing students for successful future careers in various academic, business-related and creative professions, with a focus on analytical thinking, entrepreneurial, empathy, technology use, innovative and collaborative mindsets.

4. Catering the needs of society in their pursue for skills and competence in English, multicultural communication, and professional development.