We all know that communications technology is changing the world. We also know that use of the Internet and mobile technology just gets bigger and bigger every day. If you can’t use this technology you have no future. English is the key! To succeed on the international stage, today’s students need to use modern technology with excellent English. The English department at Binus University offers the perfect solution!

At BINUS UNIVERSITY we have a vision to create leaders in the development of science and technology in Indonesia. The English study programme combines this vision with studies in language and literature. Furthermore, by teaching you to think analytically, logically, and creatively you will be able to create ideas and solve problems easily and successfully. These skills open the door to a successful career in hundreds of different industries. Joining the English department puts you on the fast track to success!

As an undergraduate in the English department, you will learn:

  • From the latest active learning-teaching methodologies. Delivery is in English and Indonesian.
  • How to create solutions, introduce new and successful strategies, critically assess situations, and face challenges. Our logic and critical thinking courses teach you essential skills that boost your value in the international work environment.
  • How to become a continuous learner. Today’s world means that if we want to stay competitive and keep our job we always need to be learning. Our assignments focus on independent learning tasks and establish the continuous learning habit you need for success.
  • How to apply research methodology. Essential for those who plan to study at Master’s level or higher.
  • To become expert communicators. This soft skill is perhaps the number one requirement for managers and executives in the world of business.
  • Workplace skills in demand by employers. These include organizational skills, management skills, technical skills and computer skills.

Don’t forget too that the department regularly publishes articles for publication for the Language and Literature journal. You too can boost your reputation by writing about language, literature, culture, linguistics and teaching.

And there’s more! Here are some of the specific competencies that you will gain as a graduate from BINUS UNIVERSITY!

  • Fluency in English (TOEFL 550 and higher)
  • How to think in a logical and analytical manner.
  • Expertise in the basics of language and literature.
  • Appreciation of the culture of English speaking countries.
  • Translation from English into Indonesian & vice versa.
  • English for Tourism, English for Business, English Language Teaching.
  • Computer literacy. Become a master of Microsoft software, not to mention Desktop publishing and graphic design software too.
  • Research Methods for further academic study.
  • Organization and management.