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“School of Rock”

School of rock is a musical comedy movie released in 2003. It’s directed by Richard Linklater. The storyboard is handled by Mike White. The movie starring Jack Black, Joan Cusack, and Mike White himself. In addition, this movie was also nominated for the golden globe award along with another seven wins and eleven other nominations. That makes me curious of what the movie is about. That’s why I finally ended up watching this. Here is my review about it!

First off, let me give you the short summary of the movie. This movie tells the story of a musician named Dewey Finn (Jack Black). He is fired from his band and left with great amount of debts for the rent of the apartment he lived in. He was very depressed until one day a job offer as a substitute teacher comes to his friend, Ned Scheenebly. Fortunately, Ned is not there when the phone calls. Shortly, Dewey accepts the job as the substitute teacher for the 5th grade students in the name of Ned Scheenebly at Horace Green private school. Instead of being a teacher, Dewey forms his new rock band with the students in his class to win the prestigious competition, the “Battle of The Bands”, and pay his rent. From here, the story goes on.

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The first thing that I want to review is the plus points of the movie. There are two aspects of this movie that I find interesting. The first one is the casts are mostly children. This movie might looks like a childish comedy movie at first, but that point of view suddenly changed after you see Jack Black in the cast. Jack Black, in case you don’t know him yet, is a guitarist for his real band, Tenacious D. The genre of the band is comedy rock, so no wonder why this movie is very fun to watch. These lyrics in the songs are very reminiscent of Tenacious D. How about the children then? Well, these kids know how to play music and act in front of the camera. You will see how they play music very well most evidently on the credit at the end of the movie. The second thing is that the scenes flow perfectly from one to another, there is simply no boring and bragging moments in this movie. The editors of the movie screenplay deserve two thumbs up!

The plus points have been mentioned. It’s turn for the minus points now. Well, this movie is simply very predictable. It’s the storyline that I talked about here of course. The storyline is very Disney even though it’s not produced under the Walt Disney name, but by Paramount Pictures. It’s not a bad thing though. Disney movies have this kind of positive atmosphere and of course a happy ending. It’s your typical family movie storyline. Disney is very famous with family oriented movies anyway. It’s just, again, very predictable. You can predict what’s going to happen next, except for perhaps that little twist at the climax, the Battle of The Bands moment. The rest can be easily predicted. It’s just a minor complaint of me. The comedy has make up for it though.

In conclusion, this movie is a good one to watch on your holidays or spare time. If you’re a Disney fan or just someone looking for something fun to watch, then this movie has the qualities for both criteria. That’s all I can say on this review. Thank you for reading it! Happy watching!


Written by Widyanto Gunadi 1401075164


August Rush

            August Rush is a romantic musical drama movie released on 21st November 2007. It is directed by Kirsten Sheridan. The main stars featured here are Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

August Rush is a story about a music prodigy. It all begins when Lyla (Keri Russell), a famous cellist and Louis (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), a guitarist and vocalist at a club, meet and fall in love with each other when following the sound of the music. Because of having different lives, they have to separate and not seeing each other again. However, Lyla is pregnant. She gives birth to their baby boy, destined to be a music prodigy, named Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore). Unfortunately, her father sends the little Evan away to an orphanage without her knowing about it. Her father says that the baby is dead to cover his doing. Eleven years later, Evan believes that his parents are still alive and goes to New York to search for them. From here is the musical journey of Evan really begins.

Firstly, I want to talk about the plus points of the movie. Let me start off by saying that August Rush is a music themed movie, and I love music so much! This movie gives me awe. The story has this kind of fairy tale element to it. The special ability of Evan to follow the sounds of music everywhere he goes is the evidence. Furthermore, the music throughout the whole story really keeps me interested to watch it until the end. The guitar playing is superb! The music is just sounds original; I refer to classical pieces only. From classical to gospel, and typical rock band’s music, it has it all! The acting of the players is good. It is not the best, but still deserves two thumbs up!

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Now let’s move on to the minus points of the movie. Honestly, I think there is nothing bad or wrong with the movie. It’s just two minor, very small complaints of me with the storyline of the movie. The progression of the story is very predictable. At first, I am not really understand what’s going on in the story when the scene suddenly shifts to the two lovers that’s actually Evan’s parents in the past, until the baby Evan is born. From here on, the story is predictably a typical of family drama story. The next thing I want to complaint here is the fast changing scenes. It’s not a bad thing, but for me, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s going on when the scene suddenly shifts to different time and locations. However, this is what makes the movie still interesting even though it’s typical. There is a nice appeal to it that keeps me want to know what magic that Evan has next.

Finally, I highly recommend this to everybody! This movie deserves a place in your collection. Watch it and experience the music journey of a real prodigy! What a great movie it is!

            Written by: Widyanto Gunadi/1401075164


Students working on Dot Painting
Students working on Dot Painting in Australian Culture Festival

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