Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:

  1. Able to speak English in the context of general, specific, and academic communication in accordance with quality standards
  2. Able to explain, apply, and analyze various forms of literary works and socio-cultural phenomena
  3. Able to demonstrate linguistic skills in various communication contexts to answer the problems of linguistic phenomena and cross-cultural communication
  4. Able to use Information and Communication Technology into language, linguistic, literary, cultural skills to produce literary works, language innovations, and community-based creative works
  5. Able to produce various creative texts by applying the concepts of language, Literature and Culture
  6. Able to apply the concepts and aspects of learning English and Indonesian as Foreign Languages
  7. Able to communicate in oral and written according to concepts of language in a cultured-business context
  8. Able to communicate orally and in writing according to linguistic rules in the context of academic studies
  9. Able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing alternative solutions for problem-solving