Every year, names like J.K Rowling or Stephen King have dominated the top authors- earners list, including this list of 2023.

Cited from various sources, here is a list of 9 richest authors onthe top earner rank, their biggest hits, and their net worth in US $.

1. J.K Rowling. Harry Potter . Net worth : 1 billion .
2. James Patterson. “Alex Cross”. Net worth: 800 Million
3. Jim Davis. “Garfield”. Net worth: 800 Million
4. Danielle Steel. Genre: Romantic novels. Net worth: 600 million.
5. Grant Cardone. Genre: Business books. Net worth: 600 Million
6. Matt Groening. “The Simpsons”. Net worth: 600 million
7. Paulo Coelho. “The Alchemist”. Net worth: 500 million
8. Rose Kennedy. “Times to remember”. Net worth: 500 million
9. Stephen King. “Carrie” and many more. Net worth: 500 million.

Interesting list, isn’t it? Yes, racially they are all white and the majority write in English. Are there any colored successful authors? How well do our local authors do ? We will keep you updated in the next posts!

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