Lolen has quite a long experience and study journey at BINUS University. Lolen spent 7 years studying at the English department  where he experienced his ups and downs. While at BINUS Lolen learned many things, the first thing Lolen got was the ability to think, how to solve a problem so that she could find the right or best solution to the problem. Lolen found that the lecturers at the English department were also very helpful.

According to Lolen, what BINUS and the lecturers taught most was how to treat other people, not just thinking but building relationships with the people around them, and appreciating a what other people have done. He found this useful when Lolen ran his Digital Agency business, namely Space & Shapes. In just  3 years, Lolen already had 47 employees with very low turn over.  For him, the most important thing in his company is the people in it.