Authored by Paramita Ayuningtyas

Technology development has affected various elements of life, including the way people shop and read books. Online retails like Amazon and the innovation of e-readers seem to bring an unpromising future for brick-and-mortar books, especially independent bookstores. However, American Booksellers Association reported that there is an increase of the number of independent bookstores. Interestingly, Instagram has a significant contribution to this resurgence of independent bookstores. This paper explores the use of Instagram by two independent bookstores in Jakarta, Aksara and Post, by analysing their posts. It also examines in what way these posts can convey their identity and ideology. The result of the analysis shows that besides for promotional purposes, independent bookstores can use Instagram to support the three key ideas of independent bookstores, namely community, curation, and convening. The analysis of their posts also reveals the ideology of independent bookstores as a space of empowerment and resistance.

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