Technology abuse is rising in an age where communication technology is used daily. This can happen through social platforms, media, and even represented in streaming platforms. Some people can be affected by technology abuse, including sexual objectification victims. This study investigates the impact of disinformation represented in the movie, Photocopier (2021). Therefore, it aims to find the impact of technology-enabled disinformation and how society plays a role in the digital era concerning a sexual objectification case as portrayed in Photocopier (2021) movie. The information is gathered from dialogues and scenes in the movie and then analyzed using cascading theory and sexual objectification theory. The study used a qualitative approach to achieve its goals. The findings suggest that technology has a negative impact on sexual objectification victims due to the rapid transmission of important records, which leads to victim blaming. Furthermore, society purposefully disseminates confidential sexual objectification documents without sympathizing with the victims. Therefore, it can be said that disinformation caused by technological advancement happens and impacts some people negatively. Society must be aware and play a more supporting role, thus resulting in a sustainable society living with technology for more beneficial effect.

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