This article is an attempt to reflect the revolutionizing sharing culture of digital social media in Indonesian context. The method used in this research is textual qualitative studies of the textual poetic expressions chosen from two young and current poetry writers as to get the sense of nowness and connectedness to the issue. Lacan’s concept of metaphor is used in elaborating the poetic expressions as to reveal the psychological explanations of the culture. The study concludes that beyond the irresistible practice of social media sharing culture lie the unhealthy narcistic and self-justified loving-hating culture of constructing truth, at the same time disregarding critical thinking and common sense. Social media have sophisticatedly fostered grouping and sharing culture where members are unconsciously and politically justified to produce their own version of truth which can be totally against the other groups’ version, forgetting that both belong to the same Indonesia’s humanity group. Fortunately, a solution is offered by loving Indonesia, the greatest metaphor of unity in diversity where love is supposed to navigate differences without hatred.

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