The complexity of the current teaching-learning activities is significantly elevated due to the sudden shift from face-to-face and hybrid to a fully online experience. 

Reflective practice (RP) is a chance for teachers to make sense of the sudden shift process in a virtual setting. The trials and errors that might occur indeed become the catalyst of teacher change. This study offers an ecological perspective of RP in a virtual setting. The elaboration shall embrace RP ecology’s exosystem, mesosystem, and microsystem. 

In the end, the exploration reveals aligned support of RP as the source of teacher change. Among the levels, the differences are on the praxis. In the exosystem, RP is embedded in a certification program, while the mesosystem includes RP as part of the quality assurance system. Implementation of RP helps teachers figure out the new definition of an interactive classroom in an online classroom. Moreover, they find a dialogical reflection based on peers, and their teaching recording support critical RP.

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