This paper presented a review of e-learning studies in the past ten years. Identification. selection and critical appraisals were conducted in this present study to answer two questions. First, what developments and achievements in e-learning research. Second, what hinderance kept appearing in doing such research, data mining enables the compilation of corpus for this study. Corpus for this study was 989 journal article abstracts from reputable journals in Computer Science. Identification and selection of data was gathered using AntConc 4.0.5 (2022). Data gathered provided information on recurring key words and context of the recurrence. Results showed several issues repeatedly appearing in e-learning studies and developments in the study. Pertinent problems in e-learning studies were also identified. In conclusion, the systemic literature review provides important information on the achievements, innovations, and developments in the decade long period. Implications on further studies and using the systemic literature review for practical use was discussed.

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