Authored by Clara Herlina Karjo, Stephani Wijaya

Nowadays, the beauty community has a rapid growth of beauty influencers from both genders. The language style that is used by each gender has its own features and characteristics that can be explored from the video-sharing platform, YouTube.

The aim of this study is to find the language features and distinctive characteristics of the male and female beauty influencers and the differences in comments from their audience. The writer applies qualitative research by using text analysis of the video script.

The data shows that male and female beauty influencers have shown differences in their features and characteristics of language. Men’s beauty influencers tend to be more straightforward and directive. They also use plain and simple words. On the other hand, the women beauty influencers are more polite and intimate in using language.

This study is hoped to be the foundation for further research on the same topic of language features in gendered communities within limited topics especially in this modern era.

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