By Amelia Jasmine ( Binusian 2025, Leader of HIMSCON ).HIMSI’s first-ever webinar series, HIMSCON finally took place from September 14th to 16th 2022. For those who don’t know, HIMSCON stands for HIMSI Convention and the theme for it is Elevate Your Minds and Heart Through Literature. In this year’s HIMSCON,

HIMSI invited four speakers from the field of Poetry, Theater, and Creative Writing. On the 15th, we also had another special guest! It is none other than our very own head ofdepartment, Mr. Irfan Rifai, who played the role of Moderator in our webinar slash talk showwith Ms. Venytha Yoshiantini, the co-director and choreographer of Teater MusikalNusantara (TEMAN).

The talk went on for about 45 minutes and many insightful and interesting topics were discussed. Ms. Venytha herself started falling in love with the field of theater from a young age. Her first acting role might have been as a mouse, but she felt that theater was what she could and later became really passionate about. It became her main interest as well as hersource of happiness. Yet her parents didn’t support her dreams at first, because what parentwouldn’t be anxious about their child’s decision to pursue a career in the field of Arts?

Through her efforts and hard work, her parents finally said okay. Ms. Venytha did try out other fields such as film and opera, but nothing compared to theater. The energy flowing between everyone present, may it be the people onstage, behind the scenes, or the people intheir seats watching the performance, just felt incredibly superb and irreplaceable. To her, a good actor is someone who truly understands their weaknesses and strengths and is willing to accept any lesson from their mistakes instead of being hard on themselves.

These days, there are many people who feel like the world is ending after making a mistake, be it small or big. However, it is better to keep learning from your mistakes and continue shaping yourself into a better person than the you yesterday or the you last year. It is also crucial to understand others and how your actions could impact others. Acting in theater could also be therapeutic as it gives the actors a better sense of themselves, even if their job is to pretend or become another persona. Ms. Venytha said, “Acting is used to get a sense ofwho you are, because yes, you are trying to be someone else, but at the same time, there isnobody that you could be other than yourself.”

In short, it is definitely a shame if you missed out on this webinar! Not only was the talk insightful, but it was also very enjoyable for everyone present, even if some of them aren’t super interested in theater or acting.