We would like to wish nothing but the best to the seniors presenting their research papers in the upcoming ICOBAR 2022 – International Conference ( June 22 – June 23).

ICOBAR is the annual conference attended by scholars and researchers from different corners of the world.

Here are the titles of the studies that they will present:

1. Digital Cultural Behavior in the documentary The Social Dilemma (2020): Psychoanalysis
2. Language Features used by Trans People and Their Representation in
Digital Culture
3. The Influence of Fandom Language in the Word Formation of Indonesian Internet Slang
4. Exploring COVID-19 Hoaxes in the Post Pandemic Society
5. Gaming Language as a Language Variations in Digital Humanities
6. Digital Language Use in Bangka as Contribution to Digital Culture and Heritage
7. Semantic Choices and Patterns in YouTube Commentaries as Digital Language Variation
8. To Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn with Personalized Language Learning and Educational Technology
9. Doublespeak in Five Phone Advertisement as Smart
Communication Technology

Good luck, Kakak2!