What are you up to now?
I am so blessed now to be able to do what I love everyday. I have always enjoyed painting and tending to plants when I get the chance.

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
I believed studying English literature wouldn’t only gain me English skills, but it would also teach me ways of thinking, mostly due to the many analysis that we’d have to do during classes. Turns out it’s true! Take that and the numerous doors out there that you can choose to be your life path, as many things need English fluency in the field.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
Definitely the hectic life of being a student (learning, joining activities, being an intern) as well as a part-timer at the same time. Also, nothing beats the experience of living in an area surrounded by young adults who are full of life and passion: lots of delicious food & snacks and entertainment spots.

Advice for prospective/current students
You have so many options in life. Start exploring them so you know which path you want to take before it’s too late. Knowing early is always an advantage — that also applies to classes 😉

Notes to our beloved English Department
Stay solid & creative. Having a community that feels like a family is definitely something to be grateful for. And when classes become fun, learning becomes something to look forward to. Happy 25th anniversary, ED!