What are you up to now?
Work. I am a Customer Service Manager in a game developer company, Moonton, that develops game such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and other games; and my country scope for now is Indonesia. My main responsibility is to be in charge in maintaining the satisfaction and reputation of the company. Different from what Public Relation team does, my team has the responsibility to deal immediately with players’ questions, problems, suggestions, even anger. In order to deal with thousands of players problem daily, internally, I am supported with the team of 12 people. As the main person the team would seek for advice and help, managing and leading 12 people is not easy at first, but I guess I cope it.

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
At first, I chose English Literature simply because of my interest for the English language as well as my goal to improve my English skills. That might have been a naive reason, but English literature has shaped me to become who I am today, which I am grateful for. Without it, I might have a different job, different social circles, and others. Therefore, I suppose this proves that if we start with the things we love, it will most likely lead us to the right path in the end.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
The Literature classes. Definitely. The challaging moments when we were demanded to put our position in certain time place and point of view to think of the deeper meaning of something in the literature work. Every discussion topic is a stimulation to my logic. It was always stressful but I LOVE IT. We will always learn something new about the past that will be the supplies of our mind, during literature classes, I can feel that my mind is growing broader.

Advice for prospective/current students
1. Learn. As much as you can. You have a lot of time now to learn new things, new skills, this world will never wait for us to grow, so force yourself to learn even for the smallest thing, you are the one who needs to chase the world. In English Department, we have the chances to know about different cultures, different histories, and a lot of different philosophies that will definitely be useful for our future in our day to day life. Absorb everything that you can, enrich and grow everything that is given to you during the classes. Use the advantage that is prepared by the English Department well.
2. For those who is going to hunt for office job after your graduation. Trust me, GOOD GRADES DO MATTER. Good Grades will at least keep you from the first layer elimination on the GPA side. It helps you to save time and keep you from the post-graduation anxiety. lol
3. THE BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS IS SUPER USEFUL. (Carvia is referring to Entrepreneurship classes — red)

Notes to our beloved English Department
Thank you so much for helping me to find myself. Thank you so much for shaping me for who I am now. Thank you for the moments, experiences, classes, knowledges, and challenges. I cherish everything I experience during my classes until now and will be forever. And I wish that there will be more hardskill preparation for our juniors, in the digital era now, a lot of industry requires their candidate to have certain level of skill or at least knowledege in the field. Maybe it could start from basic data analytic skill with Microsoft Excel taught as well. Data analytic skill is one of the core of a lot of industry, and it is one skill that will always be useful even until you reaches your highest level, applies to both running your own business or working in a company.