What are you up to now?
From 2020, I provide project management services for several programs: “Guru Penggerak”, “Sekolah Penggerak”, and “Guru Honorer Selection” focusing on the preparation of the selection process, communication materials related to selection, and mitigation plans. I work with multiple stakeholders in developing an online selection process for the “Guru Penggerak” and “Sekolah Penggerak” programs which includes developing & evaluating the master product requirements with web/application developers, constructing the selection instruments with SMEs, and organizing training & certification programs for nationwide assessors (more than 1,000 assessors). Up to 2021, I have provided a leadership role in administering the selection of more than 100,000 teachers for “Guru Penggerak” program and 42,000 school principals for “Sekolah Penggerak” program. On top of that, I have worked with multiple stakeholders in preparing the selection instruments to select more than 1 million contract-based teachers in Indonesia that is planned to be administered from August to December 2021 to bring betterment for teachers’ wellbeing. From July 2021, I work with Monash University Indonesia, the first international university to establish in Indonesia, as the Educational Technology and Design Manager to ensure the delivery of a world-class suite of enterprise educational technologies for Monash Indonesia. This position leads and manages on-going work programmes to provide end-to-end delivery of multiple enterprise platforms and licensed technologies both onshore and offshore. The Educational Technology and Design Manager provides a broad range of specialist design, development and assessment expertise in educational design to academic and professional staff across Monash Indonesia to achieve effective uptake of new educational approaches, educational technologies, and use of learning spaces. This position will lead the development of educational resources, and provide consultative support, expert educational advice and guidance to academic and professional staff in Monash Indonesia.

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
I believe that learning English can be a door to learn other disciplines and field. Back in 1999, I chose the BINUS University’s English Department because at that time the department provided a wide range of courses that could enhance not only my English skills but also my cultural aspects and understanding of the language. I have learned that the current curriculum is providing wide range of courses that will bridge students’ knowledge with their daily life and future career.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
I miss the caring and down-to-earth lecturers in the department who really tried to create connections with their students and to build open communication.

Advice for prospective/current students
English Department students need to learn outside the classroom as soon as possible. They need to master the language and add values to their knowledge by gaining real life experience.

Notes to our beloved English Department
English Department needs to spread its wings through various engagement programs that can bridge knowledge with current life and work issues. The department needs to strive in opening doors of opportunities and real-world exposures for its students. This can be established if the department can bring its alumni to work with the department to create engagement programs.