Authored by Nindyawati Gemala and Dr. Clara Herlina Karjo, M.Hum.

Deixis and references used in a text are important; they point to whatever the writer is referring to. Without them, the text will not make any sense to whoever is reading it. The goals of this research are to analyze the types of deixis found in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) movie and to find out the meanings. A qualitative approach was utilized in conducting this research. The analysis of the data was done through the descriptive analysis method. The results showed that all types of deixis were found. Person deixis was used the most, with 66 of it found. On the other hand, temporal deixis was used the least, with only three of it found. Next, the meanings of each type of deixis are diverse. However, those meanings stick to the function of each type of deixis. To conclude, deixis plays an important role in written or spoken literature.

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