What are you up to now?
I’ve been working on a very cool marketing platform at a company in New York City. This is a very exciting project for me because it allows me to solve complex problems and help generate new revenue streams for the company. On a daily basis, I need to collaborate with many teams worldwide, such as India, UK, and US Westcoast.

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
English Literature is a doorway to creativity. Every day we as humans communicate mainly through spoken and written words. Words allow us to understand each other, to imagine being in a story, telling a story, and so much more.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
I miss the class interactions. The lecturers often asked us questions like “why do you think…”, “what would you do..”, or “how would you..” and then although only a few people were active in class, I enjoyed hearing others’ feedback. There was no wrong or right answer; it was very interesting to learn that my classmates had different perspectives even when we were reading the same exact line in a poetry or story.

Advice for prospective/current students
Be present. Don’t worry about missing a text message or a call or instagram noifications. They can wait. Know what you want. A lot of times parents or friends give you their opinions. Understand that they are not directions, but recommendations. It is your life; you are in control.

Notes to our beloved English Department
Thank you for all you do. You have given me a lot of knowledge and encouraged me to think outside the box. Happy 25th birthday!