authored by Risa Rumentha Simanjuntak, David Michael Bourne, Ienneke Indra Dewi, Gary Welingson Budianto.

This study investigated the communicated themes in journal articles of e-learning. The aim was to reveal the common issues and patterns of communication as written in the published articles of e-learning. A corpus of 152 journal articles in computer-based language learning was used from reputable journals in Computer Science between the years of 2017-2020. The results showed the themes of mobile learning, distance learning, situated learning, blended learning, teaching, and learning, as well as informal learning to be recurring in the past three years. In addition, e-learning for language was always focused on learning vocabulary. In conclusion, despite the development of technology in e-learning, human factors were identified to be at the center of discussion. Future implications included the use of e-learning as an organic technology for language learning in the future.

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