What are you up to now?
Family life and work 🙂

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
I chose English Lit. as my study because (1) I like reading books a lot and (2) I had a good basic of English language that needs to be improved.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
1. Making papers, lol. Making papers may seem like a chore, but it is actually fun considering you get to be analytical yet imaginative at the same time. Everytime I look back at my old papers (I still had some of it), it feels nostalgic and entice curiosity if I can make another one like this if I have to. 2. My friends. All that time waiting for classes, discussion after tests, and many more. Some of my best friends today were from my time in campus. 3. SALLC! Boy when I first found out we had library with lots of books, novels, and even movies, I was thrilled. I remember re-watching LOTR in SALLC. Absolute bliss.
(SALLC, Self-Access Language Learning Center, is now Language Center — red)

Advice for prospective/current students
What you’ve got in English Literature is your capital. However, you should keep your eyes wide-Few advice: 1. If you feel like English Lit. is an underdog, don’t be. Even if you feel like you won’t be using your poetry analytic skill in work later on, most of the skills you learn will be useful on ANY path you choose. Learning language has more upsides than downsides, and learning a language with huge exposures (such as English) is never wasted. 2. As a college students, remember that what you learn is, at best, only the 2nd most important thing. The 1st is building the framework of your mind and the skill to approach and solve an issue. Poetry analytic? Helps you breakdown issues methodically on an abstract concept. Australian Culture? Helps you learn about the differences of another culture. Business writing? Helps you ace that professional email once you get to it. Again, nothing is ever wasted, and everything is a lesson depends on how you see it. 3. You may hear this a lot, but English Lit. students are so versatile. A lot of path is open to you when you start your career journey, but what will come after that depends on how you are willing to continue improving yourself. We never stop learning. “Jack of all trades – master of none. But still better than a master of one”

Notes to our beloved English Department
Silver anniversary! Hope our beloved English Department will continue to shine and give birth to bright young adults!