Frendy, Binusian 2018

What are you up to now?
After graduating from BINUS University’s English Literature Department, I earned a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Communication at BINUS University. Now, I’m working as Marketing Manager in HONOR Indonesia, a global tech company which was previously a sub-brand of Huawei. As Marketing Manager, I handle PR, Media Buying, and Social Media to ensure that HONOR can expand their market share in Indonesia. From handling Press Release with the media to purchasing various advertisement slots such as Facebook and YouTube Ads, I contribute directly to the company’s end-to-end marketing.

Why did you choose to pursue English Literature?
I pursued English Literature because I love the English Language and the various media that utilizes the language as a form of self-expression, criticism, or entertainment. Aside from the rich and expressive nature of the English language, understanding more about one’s self and the society through various media is interesting for me.
Life is short, and English Literature has enabled me to broaden my horizon and appreciate the deeper meaning of human culture, which led me to view life in an entirely different light.

What do you miss the most from your university life in BINUS University’s English Department?
Analyzing certain media (which I enjoy) and actually get direct benefits from it (scores, fun social circles, and so on). In my current line of work, I make use of the various skills I learned during my time at BINUS’ English Literature Department such as Critical Thinking, Copywriting, and so on. However, the scope of my work is not analyzing novels, movies, and various other interesting media anymore, which is something I greatly relish in.

Advise for prospective/current students
The English Language is important, and mastering the fundamentals is essential. However, the English Literature Department is more than just learning English. It’s about broadening your mind and understanding more about different forms of expression and culture, which ultimately leads to you cherishing life and those around you more.
Learning English enables you to have access to numerous wonderful creations of humanity, and uncovering the possible deeper meaning behind those creations can make you a better human being. Afterwards, you will enjoy life a lot more.

Notes to our beloved English Department
Thank you so much for everything during and even after my time in BINUS’ English Department. There were countless moments that I truly enjoyed during my time there, and you have shaped me to become a better person. I hope that the English Department can make even more people appreciate not just the English Language, but humanity as a whole, which might sound exaggerated, but really important in my opinion. Aside from that, though, maybe in the Business Streaming, there can be things like Excel Courses, Business Management Courses, etc. which are previously lacking during my time there (though I didn’t take the Business Streaming). Nevertheless, in my current line of work, those things will prove really beneficial. Keep up the good work!