On December 2nd, we were among 800 other participants who ¬†joined a free ILA ( International Literacy Association) webinar on “What Should Equitable and Comprehensive Early Literacy Instruction Look Like in 2020 and beyond?” The speakers of the webinar were the heavyweights in the literacy field. The likes of Patricia Edwards, a past president of ILA, Lesley Mandel Morrow, Dough Fishers, and Susan B. Neuman were among the speakers who provided insightful discussion on the the issues and questions addressed by Kenneth Kunz and Diane Lapp, similarly two very important figures in the field.

We noted at least three important, relevant issues with the the Indonesian context. ¬†First, on the issue of features to add to literacy to literacy instructions post pandemic. Second, on the issue of low economic school’s strategies to del with the issues of access and lastly, is on the issues of biliteracy and balanced literacy. We learned a great deal from the webinar. Thank you ILA! (Ed.)