by Triana Salihah and Menik Winiharti

Based on a study that was done as part of her exit project for bachelor in English degree, Triana Salihah supported by her advisor, Mam Menik Winiharti,  conducted a research with a Betawi family in Jakarta. Here is the report of their finding that was published by a Binus-based Lingua Cultura academic journal  in 2017.


This research was aimed at finding the politeness strategies used by the members of a Betawinese family in their daily conversation. It was also conducted to describe the extent to which the family members apply politeness in everyday conversation. The data were collected from a Betawinese family that was consisting of six members, who still speak the Betawi language in their daily lives. The observation toward the family was conducted and recorded whenever they spoke to each other. The data were then analyzed based on each speaker and addressee in applying the politeness strategy.

If you wish to more of the study, you can visit and download the study in this link. (Ed.)