Techno-Linguistics: Processing and Analyzing Language Online

Gone the days where we relied on mails and phone calls in order to communicate with others. Thanks to the development of Information Technology (IT), we are now increasingly attached to social media, apps, or even gaming platforms to communicate. One may argue that the social interaction mediated by various digital platforms have shaped not only our language but also the manners that we have used it. One could also claim that there is a reciprocal relationship between man and machine in the process. Join Kijang Academic Sharing Series (KASS) in collaboration with GreatNusa to learn from three illuminating and thought-provoking talks that explore the phenomenon of language and its use in the digital platforms from the fields of computer science and linguistics.

1. Dr. Derwin Suhartono, S.Kom., MTI (Head of Computer Science Program, School of Computer Science of Binus University)
2. Dr. Risa Rumentha Simanjuntak, SS, M.App.Ling., MA (English Language Specialist, English Literature Department, Binus University)
3. Dr. Dra. Clara Herlina Karjo, M.Hum (English Language Specialist, English Literature Department, Binus University)

Dr. Lusi Lian Piantari, S.S., M.Hum (English Department, Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia)

16 October 2020, 09:30 – 11:30