Reading is a very important skill and the better and faster you can read, the more successful you can be in your studies and your career. Enter the book ‘Limitless’ by Jim Kwik!

Jim Kwik suffered an injury that injured his brain. As a result he suffered problems at school and was considered to be 3 years behind his peers. Now he is able to remember information easily and read books at speed.

His success is based on the idea that we all have the capacity to improve our mental abilities. This success depends on mindset, motivation and method that is used to learn. Mindset involves simply telling yourself that there are no limits to your ability to read faster. Motivation relates to approaching your reading in a positive, curious state. The third element, method, relates to changing your reading habits, which were probably established when you were in elementary school.

Please watch the video summary of Jim’s book. Let’s hope you apply the tips and consider buying this book!