In a webinar entitled, “Self-selected Fiction: The Path to Academic Success?” hosted by Thammasat University, Prof. Stephen Krashen emphasized a wide range of benefits that language learners would get from reading fictions.

Here are some key points from his highly compelling talk.

  1. There are two ways to learn a language: by acquiring or by learning. When acquiring, we pick up the language effortlessly and subconsciously. When we learn , we do it intentionally and mostly done at schools.
  2. Acquiring happens when we listen ( to conversations, movies, etc) and understand ( books we read or how the language is used in context).
  3. Input should be comprehensible, compelling, abundant, and rich.
  4. Stories are the BEST kind of input because they are comprehensible and compelling.
  5. Start by reading EASY books and come back to easy readings any time you want. Stick with one author if you wish. Studies found that good readers read books written by a single author. (Ed.)