The faculty of Humanities new Lumina practitioners consisting of Elisa C. Marion, Hendy (Japanese department), Irfan Rifai ( English department), Olfia Rambot ( PGSD), Aryo and Nanang ( Psychology department)   finally had their chance of conducting a lumina learning workshop on Saturday (6/ 27). The lucky participants to experience the workshop were 2 alumni selected from each department of  the faculty of Humanities. Irfan invited two notable alumni, Santi and Alessandro, to take part in the workshop.

Faculty of Humanities’ Lumina Trainers 

The workshop run smoothly with each of the participants stated that they have better and  improved understanding of themselves and to capitalise it when dealing with other people. Lumina is a psychological personality identification tools that help users identify themselves through less rigid descriptions of participants’ everyday, underlying, and overextended persona. For more information on Lumina, please visit : For Irfan, it’s an important learning process where he can develop himself and team through better understanding his colleagues’ personality and ways of communicating. He was hopeful that Alessandro and Santi would be able to implement the workshop in the contexts of their work (Ed).