Students typically spend a lot of time reading non fiction texts for their studies. In fact, it is argued by some that reading non fiction is the only type of reading that should be done, because it is the best way to develop skills and knowledge. It is argued that reading fiction is a waste of time. Most of it  is generally trash. Popular fiction offers the reader nothing that they may learn and improve on. So it is argued. Here we will look at why it is ok to read fiction. The argument is presented by YouTuber Ali Abadan. The link is below.

Ali speaks quite fast, so here is a summary of his main points. Reading fiction increases vocabulary and helps the reader develop empathy. Regular fiction reading also helps to lower the risk of cognitive degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. This might be because reading fiction activates areas of the brain that might not otherwise be activated, as we imagine the scenarios described in our novel.

Let’s hope this argument gives you inspiration to start reading your favorite romance/ thriller/ fantasy writer today!