Reported by : Maria Prawita

All of us surely experience the feeling of being in a ‘digital cage’ for the past two months and shifting our learning into remote learning. Indeed, being in a ‘digital cage’ does not mean that we don’t connect. To connect students with industry to enrich students learning, English Departments still holds the commitment by inviting guest lecturers and conducting online sharing session. We were able to have one of our alumni in Imagining Me: Communication in Digital World to share his experiences in creating a CV, cover letter, and applying for a position. Andes Weng Saputra is one of the fresh graduates who has been gaining some working experiences as merchandiser and marketing. He joined the class to share the perspectives on the tips and trick to apply a position in a company both as interns and a full-time worker. Andes also shared some information on how to build a CV and cover letter as undergraduate students.

Based on his experience, he realized that his organizational experiences help him to gain a position during the internship. His sharing is very much relevant and tangible for students since the students are about to go for internship programs. Especially the emphasis that the students should seek for a suitable position that fits the students’ becomes the main highlight on students’ notes. The session is ended by a small discussion on what do they want to be in breakout rooms. Through this session, the students shall be more aware on the function of CV, cover letter and what to chase as they apply for a job.