Just because our students  learn from home, it does not mean that they have less opportunities to learn from notable speakers. On Tuesday ( 5/12) we invited ibu Julia Budiharja, a literacy activist and a read aloud practitioner, to share with us her expertise. In the 100 minute workshop, Ibu Julia explained the benefits of reading aloud to parents and teachers and then demonstrated to us the reading  aloud methods in its three stages:  before, during, and after reading. Ibu Julia emphasised that the key to getting the most of the read aloud activity is consistency.

Ibu Julia and our lecturers 

Some students attending the session

Ibu Julia demonstrated a read aloud of an Indonesian book 

More than 30 students of two different cohorts attended the fruitful, inspiring session. We are hopeful that they will be inspired to try to do this at home, school, and to the research desk. (Ed.)