Our faculty come from various background of linguistics, applied linguistics, literature, culture, and literacy. They teach subjects of their expertise and study the phenomena that happen within the realm of the field. Their studies offer interesting, often distinctive angles on how  issues around the world is explored, discussed, or even challenged. One of those studies that we found intriguing is one which was written by Paramita Ayuningtyas, entitled ” Indonesian fan girls’ perception towards masculinity as represented by K-Pop Male idols”.

This article examines fan girls’ perspectives on the the new form of masculinity represented by K-pop male idols (termed as soft masculinity). Paramita found that  the respondents were aware that in the entertainment business, gender identity is very fluid that it is modified and presented as a part of marketing strategy. They also see that the soft masculinity delivered by K-pop male idols only as a form of performance.

BTS- one of the leading Korean Male Boy Band. Source: Koreaboo.com

Paramita is one of our faculty members who specialises in postcolonial, multicultural, and feminist literature, in addition to gender studies and popular culture studies. For the full article of the study, please visit: https://journal.binus.ac.id/index.php/Lingua/article/view/1514 (Ed.)