Today, 2/13/2020, lecturers from Faculty of  Humanities and School of Design welcomed a group of friends from Asia Foundation who shared their work in supporting  Indonesia’s marginalised groups. The Asia foundation is a non-profit organization that deals with the critical issues Asian countries are facing. One of them is the issue of social inclusion.

Lecturers of Faculty of Humanities, SOD, and Asia Foundation team

Leading the Social Inclusion team was Ms.Abdi Suryaningati, who shared what the project has found all around Indonesia and the challenges that she and team have faced to encounter persecution and hostility that the marginalised groups in Indonesia have suffered.  She also expressed the idea of working together with Binus lecturers to promote inclusivity by starting at universities.

Ms. Abdi Suryaningati 

For us, meeting the Asia Foundation team was the opportunity to understand the elements of our society so that we could foster and empower them ( the society )better. (Ed.)