I had the pleasure of taking my family to join an event hosted by Read Aloud Indonesia (RAI) community to celebrate World Read Aloud Day (WRAD) that falls on February 5. Parents and their children were invited to this event to join a read aloud workshop and other book-related activities for children. Sharing her expertise for the workshop was Ms. Julia Harris, who stressed on the importance of introducing books to children as early as possible and some research – based techniques  to improve children reading habits and interest.

Irfan poses with Ms. Julia Harris

The World Read Aloud Day is a movement that was started in 2010 and celebrated all around the world. I love the tagline of the event, ” changing the world, one story at a time”, which signifies the importance of stories and how everyone is entitled to write and share their own. As for me, I was happy enough to perform a read aloud in front of other participants and won a book afterward. 🙂

Happy World Read Aloud Day! ( Irfan speaking to English department, Ed.)