For some people, poems are their most personal work. Thus poems are often kept personally because they are often the reflections of the poets’ deepest thoughts and feelings. However, some are generous enough to share their poems publicly. Our very own Andreas Akun, or Pak Akun as we address him, is one of those poets.

The world now provides platforms of different type for these generous poets to share. Pak Akun  uses a website called to share his views, and responses to what is happening in the world through his poems. This following is our favourite.

The Sea and Me

The sea is always there for you and me to see
The sun is there too to warm our glee
The birds are happy with no worry
The flowers bloom their beauty
Though all for just temporary

So when the sea seems so harsh and unfriendly
When the sun eclipse is there for us to see
When the birds twit of no sound chirpy 
And flowers wither before they’re bloomy
Just keep them all in your memory
Blame neither the birds nor the sea
When they’re not sunny and flowery
But gloomy and even stormy   

Just blame me…
For not telling you 
To get ready.

(Andreas Akun, Dec. 5, 2010)

For more of Akun's poems, please visit:
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