Hot Tips for Photos
Are you addicted to taking photos with your phone. We all know that the cameras on our phones are high quality and capable of producing great looking photos.
Here are some helpful tips that will definitely aid you in capturing a perfect image using the new art of digital photography.
  1. Normally, people take full body shots against a background. However, it is more appropriate to take a shot from shoulders up or an upper body one. Otherwise the images of those in the picture appear too small.
  2. If the above technique happens to be difficult for the user, he or she can take a shot of the person with him or her at one side rather than at the center. Then the owner can just zoom in so the person appears to be at the center.
  3. Be aware of the position of a light source such as the sun. For instance, if the sun is behind an image, the picture will be silhouette. If light is in front of the image, the subject will appear to squint unless they are wearing sunglasses.
  4. Get adventurous and try to take photos outside the automatic settings on your phone. For example, you might be able to change your white balance setting from auto to cloudy when shooting bright landscapes and outdoor portraits.
  5. Zoom in to emphasize a certain asset or characteristic of the subject being captured. A lot of phones will focus on the point that you tap your screen, so that a certain asset is in focus.
  6. Practice. Practice. Practice. Fill your phone up with photos!!!!
The techniques in getting the perfect shot have not changed. However, using digital cameras and camera phones have simply improved photo shooting by making capturing pictures easy for everyone.