Happy New Year!!!!

Now is the time when most of use are thinking about all the things we want to do in 2020. Therefore, let’s take a look at some advice from Tony Robbins. Mr. Robbins is very famous as a performance coach. The YouTube video shown here is a few years old, but it contains some timely advice. Since it is quite long I have posted some of the key points below, but I strongly recommend that you watch the whole thing.

Most people give up on their new year promises by January 15.

Why do we give up?

We give up because we think to ourselves why bother? I did not achieve my goals last year, and this year will just be the same. There is not enough follow through.

What is it that makes us want to make a resolution?

Tony says that we all want a fresh start. The attraction of this is that we can start again to work on progress and this is the key word: Human beings get satisfaction from progress. Things do not make us happy. It’s about what you get in psychological terms – how you feel when you achieve progress. That should be the motivation to achieve goals.

How can we create lasting change?

Tony tells us that there are three steps. First, have a vision that excites you. This is more than a daydream of the nice things you want in your life. You need to make your vision compelling. Secondly we need strong reasons why we want to reach these goals. If you do not know why you are doing something, you will probably fall back to Netflix, Social Media & games. Finally we need to review it every day. This will keep the mind focused on our progress.

Finally, Tony tells us to make progress a must.

Please watch the video and write some comments on what you think.