Maria Tamarina Prawati has previously gained degrees in Teaching English as Foreign Language and Educational Management. And she is currently under the Applied Linguistics program as her postgraduate study.

Throughout her experiences, she has been engaged with the English language and culture both as a teacher and researcher.

As a teacher at the English Literature Department, Bina Nusantara University, she teaches Western culture, Indonesian language culture, and society, and a business embedded subject, Imagining Me. As a researcher, intercultural communicative competence is her main interest along with Postmodern English language and culture pedagogical paradigms. With the background interest, she is eager to explore the dynamics of languages and cultures.

Her interest in the digital world also motivates her works in the Indonesian Massive Open Online Course to promote Technology for Autonomous Learning in collaboration with RELO, U.S. Embassy. The work was also shared in ASEAN English Teaching Summit 2017as well as The 15th AsiaTEFL – 64th TEFLIN International Conference. She is still on the mission of advocating technology for autonomous learning by employing different applications and learning management systems in her classes.