Irfan is a faculty member at the department of English, Binus University, Indonesia. His scholarship focuses on Teacher Education / Teacher Professional Development, Pedagogic Theory, Reading and Literacy Instructions, Classroom Talk, Literature / Text-based Discussion, and Language Education. A fan of theatrical performances and a former English teacher at Indonesian elementary schools and high schools, Irfan is also passionate about writing and researching issues revolving around the uses of Arts-based Reading and Literacy Instructions in the teaching of English and Indonesian as a foreign / second language.

In the department of English, he teaches classes in the Language Learning stream, language skill-based courses, and research methodology. In 2011, he received Best Teaching Award from Binus University for his teaching performance. With fellow colleagues, he has also won a number of  research grants from Binus University and Indonesia’s Ministry of Research and Higher Education.

Irfan had a number of academic presentations in some conferences in the United States where he was pursuing doctoral degree in Reading and Literacy for Early and Middle Childhood (RLEMC), and in some other international conferences that were held in Indonesia and other foreign countries. His publications were mostly written in English. Irfan believes that language and its uses in the classroom of various forms and contexts plays a very important role to support the creation of knowledge.

His latest publication, currently under review, discusses the knowledge constructing activities of a group of students who role played the themes they interpreted from reading popular literary texts. Irfan can be reached at:

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