Let’s take a few minutes and improve our vocabulary. In this article we will look at words related to writing. Let’s begin with writing your name:

Sign: This is best used as a VERB. It means to write your name at the end of a letter, form or document. It is often used as a commend. For example:

’Sign your name here, please’.

Note that the following statement is WRONG: ‘Please your sign here’

Signature: This word is a NOUN. It refers to your name that is written on a document.

Note that you need to use either ‘write’ or ‘give’ when you want to ask for a signature. For example:

”Please give your signature here.” Or “Please write your signature here.”

Autograph: this word is a noun and a verb. It means the name of a famous person written somewhere for a person to keep. For example:

”Can I have your autograph?”

”Look where Jackie Chan autographed my photo!”

Let’s hope that this article helps you to get these words correct. Please write your comments below.