What time do you go to sleep? If you sleep late at night then you might be considered as a night owl. It seems that the night owl phenomena is exacerbated by technology. This is because there are so many captivating games available. computer games on desk tops and mobile devices can keep us playing for hours and hours. If we start to play a game at 7:00pm and promise to stop after one hour, we shortly forget this promise and keep playing for another 5 or six hours. Before we know it, midnight has passed.

Another problem is binge watching from streaming platforms. Since we can watch all of the episodes and all of the series of a particular TV show, we end up thinking ‘ok, I’ll just finish this episode’. Then, after 5 hours and 5 episodes, we are still watching!

The problem is that being a night owl is not goos for our health. Please take a few minutes to read the attached article, which tells us something about the risks of sleeping late at night. It also offers some practical suggestions to break the habit. The link is below: