A popular topic in conversations is to talk about the past. Let’s consider some useful vocabulary that you can use when you talk about the past:

Remember: Everybody knows this word, and it is very useful to introduce a story from the past. For example:

Do you remember when….?

Do you remember the time…?

Forget: This is often used as a negative, making the meaning the same as remember. For example:

I will never forget when…

I will never forget the time that …

Reminisce: This is a verb that means to think about happy times from the past.

For example:

My grandmother likes to reminisce about the times before the war.

If I reminisce about my college days, I start to laugh!


Nostalgia: This is a noun that talks about the slightly sad feelings that you have if you remember happy events in the past. The sad feeling comes from the fact that the times cannot be repeated and they are now over.

For example:

I looked through a photo album from 10 years ago and felt so much nostalgia.

After 20 years I went back to the town where I grew up and the nostalgia hit me.