Make sure you know your reader. Your reader is the most important person! The following questions will help:
• Who is your reader? (Do you know them? How old are they? What do they want?)
o How does your reader feel?
o What does your reader already know? They will feel as if you are wasting their time if you repeat information that they already understand.
• Make sure to divide your communication into paragraphs. One paragraph should cover one main point. This will make everything easy to follow.
• Use a CTA at the end. This means Call To Action. It clearly communicates exactly what you think will/ should happen next as a result of your message.
• Check your writing before you send it.
o Make sure to check the following:
o Grammar.
o Spelling.
o Punctuation.
o Content: have you included all the relevant information? Is there information you do not need to include?

These tips will help you to give a more professional image!