BINUS students will begin sitting their final tests very soon. But let’s forget about that! Let’s think about the holidays! when the tests are over, most students can enjoy a mid year break that stretches through July and August. With this in mind, here are 5 tips to get the best out of your holidays:

  1. Don’t fall into bad habits. On this point we need to mention computer games. Computer games can be amazing, with complex challenges, beautiful graphics and dramatic sound effects. This means that, as we all know, it is very easy to spend days and days just playing computer games. The only answer to avoid excessive computer gaming is to set a time limit on how often and for how long you are going to play them.
  2. Get some exercise. Join a gym, get fit with friends, but whatever you do, please don’t spend the free time sitting on the couch all day and every day. A fitness program will keep your mind sharp and have a positive mental attitude.
  3. Read a book. Choose a book that you want to read. Take 30′ every day to read it. You’ll be amazed at the enjoyment that can be had from reading every day. If you are not sure what book to read, please check out some of the posts on this site where we have recommended books.
  4. Travel. Visiting a new place allows you to take a fresh perspective on life. It is a break to the system that allows you to reassess your routine and consider new ways in which you are going to improve. In Indonesia we are so lucky to have lakes, mountains, beaches and jungles to explore. Use the time to go to an exotic place in Indonesia.
  5. Start a creative hobby. This might be drawing, cooking, music or video production, writing. Do something that allows you to express yourself.

Let’s hope you have a great holiday! Please post below what your holiday plans are for the next couple of months.