Let’s look at some more new vocabulary today! Did you study the vocabulary from other posts that came before? If not, then this is a good place to start! Remember that a wider range of vocabulary will bring lots of benefits. Please review the following:

  1. Lurid: a bright, strong colour; often referred to clothing.

Example:The mother dressed her daughter in a lurid pink and yellow dress.

  1. Amiable: friendly, easy to talk to.

Example:The receptionist was very amiable, which made my visit to the dentist so much more enjoyable.

  1. Deferential: extremely respectful, acting politely to someone higher in status or position.

Example:The people of Thailand are very deferential to their king.

  1. Furtive: acting in a suspicious way.

Example:The student took a furtive look at his partner’s answers during the test.