How big is your vocabulary? One of the best ways to become better in any language is to learn more vocabulary. In this post we’d like to introduce you to some (hopefully) new words. Please read them carefully and include them in your vocabulary learning:

  1. Chide: to criticise someone in an impatient way. Often children are chided.

Example: The mother chided her son for eating a third chocolate bar.

  1. Flabbergasted: completely surprised by something.

Example: The newly wed couple were flabbergasted by the prices of houses in South Jakarta.

  1. Nuance: an interesting detail that not many people notice.

Example: The new BOSE headphones capture the nuances of the music.

  1. Fabricate: to lie; make up a story about something.

Example:The investigative reporter proved how the company’s finances had been fabricated.