Jocko Willink is a very well known public figure in the United States. He retired from the elite Navy SEALS teams, and now he speaks on leadership, discipline and personal responsibility. The reason he is featured in our little blog is that Mr. Willink obtained a degree in English. If anyone ever thought there is no power in obtaining a degree in English, please think again. I have transcribed the conversation where he talks about studying English and how important it is to him. Please watch the complete video, but this exchange starts just after the 27 minute point in the video.

JW: Yeah, so I was an English major. I got a degree in English because I realised when I showed up, while I was heading to college, what’s going to be the most beneficial, what will help me the most, be able to do a good job as a navy officer. Have good command of the English language, being able to write well, being able to read well, and being able to speak well. That’s pretty much, that’s why I did it.

BR: And it’s served you well?

JW: it is very helpful. Very helpful. It is helpful in everything I did. Yeah.

BR: And do you’re reading all the classics, and poems, and Shakespeare!

JW: I always recommend people read Shakespeare. Shakespeare is very very helpful for me.

Just to remind you: A degree in English has power!

Watch the full video here: