Although language is the primary tool that we use to communicate with each other, a little understanding of psychology can be very useful. After all, the most important person in the world is ourselves! Please read these simple tips that can help you to think about the other person’s state of mind, before you communicate.

  1. Remember that everyone has an emotional part of themselves which will react first.
  2. Think of the other person’s needs. After all, the most important person in the world is ourselves. ‘What’s in it for me?’ is our favourite question.
  3. Think about the right time and place for a conversation. This can make a big difference in the success of communication.
  4. Consider the packaging. In this case packaging is about how you talk to other people. It includes your body language, your voice – speaking loudly can give an aggressive impression – and the overall sense of attention and calm that the other person feels when they talk to you.
  5. Work out the agendas of all the parties before you speak. Agendas are what each party wants to get from the conversation. Similar to point #2, it means putting yourself in the position of other people and brainstorming on what would be a ‘win’ for them.

I hope these tips are useful. Let’s work towards productive and pleasant communication!