Match & Complete. 


    Write the correct combination below: 
a vested  step   
a foregone  point   
a disastrous  interest   
a stop-gap  conclusion   
a debatable  solution   
face  the deal   
run  the options   
close  a suggestion   
put forward  the problem   
weigh  a meeting   


  1. It was a __________________; Manchester United were the much stronger team. 
  1. Let me _________________ because I have lots of experience in this area. 
  1. That’s a __________________ because there are many pros and cons to both sides of this. 
  1. What a way to ____________! We weren’t allowed to say anything! 
  1. This can only be ____________ because things will be very different in 2-3 years. 
  1. The politicians have a _____________ in passing this law because it gives them more power. And more power means more money. 
  1. This is a very important decision. We have to ____________ carefully. 
  1. Parents tell their children that dropping out of university to become a rock star is a _________________. 
  1. Did you ________________ with Indosat? That would mean a big commission! 
  1. MacDonalds are ________________ of a reputation for serving unhealthy food. 


Answer Key: 1. Forgone conclusion; 2. put forward a suggestion;3. Debatable point; 4. run a meeting; 5. Stop gap solution; 6. Vested interest; 7. Weigh the options; 8. Disastrous step; 9. Close the deal; 10. facing the problem.