Let’s learn some more vocabulary!

If you have read any previous posts, you might see that we love vocabulary! Please take a look at these new words and learn them. You can boost your vocabulary power!

brazen (adj.)excessively bold, clear and obvious.

Example: The evidence was clear and convincing but the politician gave a brazen denial of everything..

brusque (adj.) short, sudden

Example: The questions were answered with a brusque ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

cajole (v.) to urge, persuade someone to do something.

Example: Rudy didn’t want to go on the bungee jump, but his friends cajoled him.

callous (adj.)unfeeling, unkind

Example: The callous condition of the prison was revealed by the documentary. Prisoners were given only bread and tortured for 3 hours every day.

clandestine (adj.) secret, under cover.

Example: The document found on the train described a clandestine plan to steal the secret formula.

coerce (v.) to make somebody do something by force or threat.

The executive was coerced to pay $10,000 or his mistress would tell his wife everything.

decry (v.) to criticize loudly.

Example: In the campaign to choose a new president, both candidates decried each other’s policies.

deferential (adj.)showing respect for another person or organization.

Everybody was deferential to the Crown Prince because he was so rich.

demure (adj.) quiet, modest, shy.

In this culture, young ladies are taught by their mothers to act demure if they meet a male who is a stranger.

erudite (adj.) expert, having deep knowledge about a range of things.

Example: The contestant was so erudite that he answered every question correctly in the final quiz.